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This has been the traditional vocation of Gil-Albert Attorneys’ Office since its establishment. This work is based on advice and the protection of citizens in the conflicts that they face:

Succession and Inheritance: the decisions that we make about our property, the after death transmission of personal or business property are practically complex process of both familiar and economic consequences. Therefore doing it in the least burdensome manner possible, to prevent disputes or solve them as they arise, requires the guidance, counseling and intervention of legal professionals.

Family: our private world is also a subject to the complexity of the law. To resolve crises or family bankruptcy requires knowledge of legal rules, ethics, privacy, respect, discretion, prudence and an intimate knowledge of people’s feelings.

Civil responsibility: claims for torts are the most frequent reason why citizens meet the court. The defense of these victims requires both precision and understanding in these cases.

Condominium law and leases: in an urban environment, cohabitation has legal consequences such as neighborly relations, common property as well as the upkeep and maintenance of community property.

Contracts: this is a legal act into which everyday’s citizen enter the most often and this is one of our areas of expertise. However, it is also the area of law that has more loopholes and requires more attention for the defense of the rights of consumers and users.

All actions in our personal, social or business life have legal significance and are dispersed in a complex web of laws and rules that they have to comply with and respect. The work of a good lawyer is not only to guide you down the correct path of law but to also inform you about the consequences of your decisions in all areas.