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In 1938 Jaime Gil-Albert de la Nava began his career as a tax lawyer and public prosecutor. He did so with considerable success, so one of his sons, Jose Maria Gil-Albert Velarde, continued his legal profession, first in the office of his father, in 1951 and later at the parliamentary and judicial branches, until his appointment in 1980 as the first General Attorney elected by the first democratic government. José Maria Gil-Albert was also an editor of major legal norms in Spanish democratic history such as the Prisons Act in 1979 and the Statute of Public Prosecutions, in 1981.

In 1983 he rejoined the law firm where he practiced and taught the profession to his fortunate disciples until his death in 2007. Currently the office consists of third generation lawyers, having learned and lived the traditional law profession, and by applying new legal techniques they constitute a global community without geographical, legislative or social limits. Today’s generation of lawyers know the complexity of legal activities and thus the need for the application of new ITC techniques and modern business and commercial structures necessary for the protection of entrepreneurs, users or simple citizens as our clients.